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About Heritage Design Group

Heritage Design Group is a Planning, Surveying, and Engineering firm located in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. The company is committed to providing professional planning and engineering solutions that are environmentally sound and practical.

Heritage Design Group strives to develop projects that are in harmony with the community. Our multi-disciplined team provides clients with complete planning, design, permitting and development. Our experienced staff, along with a wide range of associates, can incorporate all aspects of a project, from initial planning and land evaluation through design to permits and construction.

Heritage Design Group has Professional Land Surveying Licenses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. Our Professional Engineering Registrations include Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York. Additionally, our firm provides clients with associates in Traffic Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Science, Land Appraisals, and Landscape Architecture.

Heritage Design Group understands the importance of continually working with clients and their development teams to keep projects on schedule and on budget. An advantage that we offer is our strong, hands-on knowledge on the New England environment and our extensive awareness of the local and regional regulatory process.

Key Employees

Mark E. Anderson - Director of Planning
has fifteen years of experience in land surveying, permitting, and project management. In his capacity as Director of Planning, he supervises all personnel and assigns staff to projects as required. He is responsible for the scheduling and management of all jobs, estimates, budgets, and billing. Mr. Anderson also coordinates communications between our survey and engineering departments. more

Lance Anderson - Director of Field Survey
Lance Anderson has over fourteen years of experience in all aspects of land surveying. He has performed land court surveys, ALTA surveys, residential and commercial lot stalkings, site topography, perimeter land surveys, construction layout of commercial and residential building projects, location of surface and subsurface utilities, and existing conditions plans. more

Paul B. Hutnak - Project Engineer
is a Project Engineer and is also a registered soil evaluator. He has been active in the construction industry since 1990 and has over five years of experience in surveying and design work on a variety of large projects as well as residential subdivisions and commercial/industrial site planning and permitting. Mr. Hutnak has an extensive background in AutoCAD 2000 and Land Development desktop. more

Michael Labbe - GIS Specialist, Technical Director
Michael Labbe has over fifteen years of experience in land surveying, AutoCAD design and drafting, and computer technology. Mr. Labbe specializes in CAD/GIS mapping. He excels at plotting base data, developing project maps, and incorporating public viewpoints into the overall design. more

Cheryl G. Peterson - P.E. No. 38691, Chief Engineer
is a Professional Civil Engineer with registrations in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Ms. Peterson has over fifteen years of experience on a wide spectrum on engineering projects. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, designing residential subdivisions, golf course housing developments, sewer extensions, water main extensions, and site construction plans. more

Holland Shaw - P.L.S. No. 30314, Chief Surveyor
is a Professional Land Surveyor with registrations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. Mr. Shaw has over twenty-six years of experience with all aspects and types of surveying projects including property and topographic surveys, title insurance plan certification, mortgage inspection plans, construction layout, condominium master and unit plans, more

Adam Gaudette - AICP, Chief Operating Officer
has over seven years of experience in project management and land use planning. In his capacity as Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for managing the daily operations of the company relative to all land development projects, advising individual project managers and their assisting staff on establishing priorities and meeting project deadlines. more

Eric Bazzett - P.E. No.35805 (MA) 6195 (RI), Senior Project Manager
is a Professional Civil Engineer with registrations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Mr. Bazzett has over sixteen years of experience in project management, design and permitting of commercial, residential and industrial developments in New England. more

Margaret Ryan - Collections Manager
has been active in the administrative/office field for over twenty-five years and has specialized with Survey and Engineering firms, such as Stone and Webster in New York, NY, Guerriere & Hanlon in Milford, MA and Andrews Survey & Engineering in Uxbridge, MA, for most of those years. more

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